Dual Diagnosis

There are plenty of studies which point to a link between mental illness and substance abuse. Those who enter an addiction rehab center often suffer from some kind of mental illness like bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia. Mental illness can play a role in causing substance abuse and it can make it very hard to quit.

We understand the connection between drug and alcohol addictions and psychiatric illnesses and are aware that drugs and alcohol can sometimes cover up the presence of a psychiatric illness. They also have the ability to imitate symptoms. Only treating the addiction without concern for the psychiatric illness will not lead to a successful recovery. Because of this, we provide services to help treat both.

If symptoms of psychiatric illnesses and conditions go undiagnosed and untreated, dependency to drugs and alcohol will mostly likely occur again. Our desire is to make sure this doesn’t happen and you are able to move forward with a happy life. Our programs do not just rid you of drugs and alcohol, they provide you will the skills and help you need to continue to stay away from these substances. We also want to set up a treatment plan that accommodates your psychiatric disorders as well.

Assisting those suffering from a dual diagnosis is both complicated and doable. It just requires the right kind of medical and health professionals with significant experience in the field. We only staff the most qualified and experienced professionals who are guaranteed to know how to deal with this specific kind of illness. If you think you might be suffering from something more than just an addiction, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

You can reach our Lakeland number today at (863) 666-0392 to learn more about out dual diagnosis program. At our treatment center, we develop a personal treatment plan in order to properly assist you with your individual case of addiction and any disorders that accompany it.

  • Detoxification is extremely important to those suffering from both addiction and other disorders. We guarantee a safe detox environment supervised by trained medical professionals, and the process will be completely free of trauma.
  • You can start to tackle your addiction and psychiatric disorder immediately with the help of our team of trained professionals. Relief from all the suffering is right around the corner.

Contact us in Lakeland, Florida today at (863) 666-0392 to get the help you need.


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