Pain Management

Those who undergo surgery or experience chronic pain often turn to prescription pills in order to manage the pain. However, prescription painkillers are some of the most dangerous and addictive pharmaceutical drugs. Those who take painkillers do not see them as dangerous because they come from a doctor.

Over time, the body begins to develop a tolerance to the medication and the user starts taking a higher dose to relieve the pain. Many people do not do this one purpose, but this ultimately leads to a dependency. A dependency to opiates is similar to addictions to other drugs in the sense that it is a gradual process that eventually will begin to control you. Pain medication is completely legal and doctors prescribe them every day to many different kinds of people. Because of this, it is much more difficult to even realize the dependency is there. If you think you might have an opiate dependency, you can get help today by calling our Lakeland, Florida Treatment Center at (863) 666-0392.

It is very dangerous to be dependent on your pain medication because it is often hard to discontinue taking it. The withdrawal symptoms can also be quite severe and an opiate detox program is necessary in order to properly cope with these symptoms. You will need the assistance of a trained medical professional to find others way to relieve the pain you are feeling and to cope with the emotional effects of discontinuing your medication.

Since you may still be experiencing the pain your medication was treating, two specific challenges are our main focus: helping you recover from your addiction and relieving the pain using other forms of holistic therapy. Sometimes the pain is no longer as severe, but the body still craves the opiates. It is important that patients learn how to cope with their pain while eliminating the dependency of narcotics.

Our pain management systems do not involve the use of narcotics. The methods we use are introduced to the patient after they finish the detoxification process. In the Lakeland, Florida treatment center, we use the following pain treatments:

  • Massage
  • Exercises
  • Pain psychotherapy
  • Nutrition
  • EMDR therapy
  • Acupuncture

Because the need for pain relief is relatively common, dependency to pain medications can happen to anyone who is taking them. Many people do not want to stop taking their pain killers because they are afraid they will continue to feel the pain. We have treatment plans that will help you eliminate your dependency to opiates and find another solution to relieve your pain that does not involve narcotics.

Don’t hesitate to call today! You can reach our Lakeland, Florida treatment center at (863) 666-0392 during any time.


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